We have also begun to add a few automobile drawings that you will find in a separate group.  Prices are the same as they are for aircraft drawings.

Terry Brennan/AeroArt
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     Thank you for visiting Terry Brennan's AeroArt website.  The artist, Terry Brennan,   is the Curator and Director of Restoration at the San Diego Air an Space Museum.  A long time pilot and aircraft owner, he has directed his passion for art and his love of aviation toward the drawing board, turning out a growing number of stunning pencil images including some of the aviation world's most significant (and some not so significant) aircraft.

    This site features an ever-growing series of high contrast pencil  drawings depicting various civilian and military special interest aircraft.  Hopefully we will be adding a new aircraft drawing to the collection on a weekly basis, give or take a day or two.  Please visit us periodically and watch this site grow in both size and scope.  On this and the gallery pages you will find the latest offerings.  If you would like to contact the artist please e mail, Terry@terrybrennan.org.  Please note that there is a "Purchase" page where you can use PayPal to make purchases.  All prints, including the cars below will be double matted and ready for framing in any standard 8X10 frame.  All prints are signed by the artist.

     We also offer prints in 8X10 size matted for mounting in 11X14 frames.  E mail Terry with special matting requests and quotes.  Standard mattes would be priced at $17.95 each.  I addition we will do 11X14 or 14X17 inch originals from your photographs.  Call 253 509 4662 or E mail for more information.

      Featured on the site with few exceptions are generally aircraft that first flew between about 1930 and 1970.  In addition to historic aircraft we have also begun to add a few unique automobiles to the site.  Prices are the same as for aircraft prints and we will do special order cars as well as aircraft.  While the gallery pages feature aircraft, the remainder of this page will be devoted to cars.

Below you will find the universally loved 1963 Chevrolet Corvette split window coupe.  1963 represents a year of first for the corvette including the first independent rear suspension, the first hidden headlights, the first true coupe construction and available for the first time were aluminum turbine style wheels.
Arguably one of the sought after cars in history has to be the Ferrari 250GT from the mid-fifties.  Beautifully styled and very fast for the time, one picture says it all
The timeless essence of sports car look is embodied in the classic Austin Healey series of British fun machines built between the early fifties and 1967 for sale in the US.  This an early 100 model.
Derived from the British AC series of small sports cars and muscled up almost over the top by Carrol Shelby, is the Cobra that you see here.  Pure driving excitement never looked any better.
My vote for one of the prettiest cars ever produced in America goes to the 1970-1973 Camaro Rally Sport series.  Beautifully proportioned and timeless styling leave them looking as good today as they did forty years ago.
It is just so big and so cool that I had to include my favorite Cadillac, the 1949 Deluxe Coupe.  Heavy motoring at its finest, this classic cad sprouted the signature early to mid-fifties tail light configuration, fender skirts and lots of chrome.
Let's go back to the days Sean Connery's James Bond, when the Aston Martin DB4 ruled the roost in hot British sports car machinery.  This classic coupe still looks great today almost 55 years after it was first introduced.
I did a series of drawings for members of the Studebaker Drivers Club including elegant 1931 Four Seasons Roadster you see below.  Seriously devoted to the brand name the members consider the Studebaker the finest car ever produced.
No collection of classic sports cars would be complete without the venerable Mercedes Benz 300 SL from the mid-fifties.  Complete with gull wing doors, the drawing below illustrates some of that out of the ordinary hardware.
Another British classic that will live forever is the gorgeous Jaguar XKE roadster.  I borrowed one from a friend to pick up my date to my sister's wedding and that love affair has gone on ever since.  Not the girl, the car.
1934 Packard   Back in the days of glamorous movie stars and gangsters, the Packard ranked at the top of the desirable automobile hierarchy.  Masses of chrome work, hardwood accents, a powerful eight cylinder engine and expansive interior space characterized the opulent, over the top, Packard in its day.
Another notable and very attractive Studebaker is the Avanti pictured below.  In a very bold move (for Studebaker) the company put a lot of eggs into this basket but it wasn't quite enough to rescue the company from disaster.
1929 Auburn "Speedster"  Like the Packard above, the Auburn was a motor car crafted for the well to do.  Its elegant "Boat Tail" rear end set the Speedster apart from anything else in the automotive world.  Certainly one of the most sought after classics today, demand seriously outstrips supply.
1950 Ford "Woodie"  History dictates that I add the Woodie to the page.  It is our family car from back in the mid-fifties.  It is especially memorable since it is the car in which I taught myself to drive.  This image is displayed in shades of grey, but I imagine it painted in a dark green as ours was back then.